• Team 10570 is Heritage High School's 2016-17 school year FTC team. This season the team is competing in the Velocity Vortex competition. The goal this season is to pick up particles (whiffle ball size) and shoot them into the corner vortex and center vortex. The robot is designed by the team, modeled on Autodesk Inventor, and built by the students. Our robot won the Rockwell Collins Innovate award and then got the second place nomination in the Connect Award. At the December 3, 2016 competition, our team got selected in an alliance and made it to the semi-finals.

    C5CC has the Captains, Ashlee, Aaron, and Marissa. The team is split up into the subteams: Build, Design, Programming, and Scouting.

    Team 5957 is Heritage High School's 2017 FRC team, the Cat 5 Cybercanes! Known for the infamous FlagBot, this season the team is competing in the 2017 FIRST event, Steamworks. The name of the robot for the 2017 Steamworks Challenge is Okeechobee, or Ziptie Bot 2.0.

    Events the C5CC will attend on The Blue Alliance: